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About Full Pitch

My name is Haydn and I am a musician by profession and have worked as an Electro/Mechanical engineer on numerous projects with companies in South-Africa and in the UK. I started flying radio controlled helicopters in 2006 when he was introduced to R/C helis by a friend. I was immediately drawn in by the intricate mechanics that made the R/C helis fly.

I was flying a Trex 700 nitro heli and wanted to find an alternative to the eye burning nitro smoke, smell, and clean-up associated with nitro helis, that?s when I realized electric power was the way of the future for large helis. So, I set out to design my own 700 sized electric heli conversion kit for a cleaner more powerful balanced flying heli!

In December 2009, from my ?shed? at my home in Perth, Australia and with my own designed 3axis CNC machine that I built, I started work on fabricating prototypes of my designs. In 2010, Haydn, along with the following important people started Team Full-Pitch to market his helis:

I would like to acknowledge Frank and his team at RJX for the chromed parts, and Georges from Scorpion Motor Systems for their Support and Test Motors

In my research the 800E Wolf/Volt was the only 800 (ELECTRIC) size heli that is a DEDICATED 3D HELI and the SuperAva 1000 which is 3D CAPABLE! ready right out of the build. I plan on designing other sizes of helis as well as improved parts for his heli based on input from heli supporters and friends!

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